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Swimming pool, fishing, climbing, horse riding, winter sports: the full range of ideas

The Thann-Cernay territory benefits from numerous facilities and activities to be carried out indoors or in the open air.

A little coolness: the swimming pools of Cernay and Thann are ideal for a little break with the family. Spa and Sylvotherapy are also present on the territory. Fishing lovers will find many places in the area to indulge their passion. Climbers love to climb on the Krapenfels and Rosenbourg rocks.

Riding lovers will also find their happiness, both in terms of the facilities and the routes to be taken.

Finally, the Thann-Cernay territory is also suitable for winter sports, with two nearby resorts: The Grand Ballon resort and the Thannerhubel resort, where skiing, cross-country ski and other snow sports are practised.