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Good trail practice

A range of routes for all and for all runners from beginner to experienced athletes. One of the particularities of the trail is the drop and the more or less hilly nature of the trail. Running is done almost exclusively on nature trails. In the Vosges we run all year, in summer or in Winter on some routes: the white trail.

To each his own practice: hiking trail for those who prefer to walk and run when they want to, trail workshop to test yourself with friends or to learn “the field” or to follow ultra-trail routes for those who want to prepare for competitions.

Equipment :

  • Shoes with relief and one size larger than usual for more comfort on descents, with good adapted socks and gaiters for wet days.
  • Light and breathable top with a light windproof jacket or rain jacket, or even a fleece, as light as possible without forgetting the cap or beanie according to the season and the gloves or even neck warmers
  • Stretchy fabric stockings, shorts, corsairs, leggings depending on the temperature
  • Light backpack and adapted to the body, which includes water and food supplies, a survival blanket and a first aid kit
  • Smartphone or GPS watch will complete the equipment, as well as a map and the technical index card of the tour and the emergency numbers.

Healthy walking discipline:

Walking is a part of mankind. The practice of walking encourages the physical and psychological well-being, key to health at all ages of life. The routes have been chosen to encourage the practice of the Nordic Walk, mindfulness walking and health through walking. You can practice the afghan walk by synchronizing your breath with your steps or the tree therapy where one embraces the trunks to capture the energy. Our trails invite you to awaken your senses, your consciousness. Walking alone, in small groups, with family and at your rhythm, listen, breath, smell, touch, let your spirit run free as the water flows, in the forests, on the grass of the meadows at the foot of the Vosges mountains. These routes are accessible all year long and reveal different faces and unseen throughout the seasons.


A hiking equipment is required with of course sticks for the Nordic Walk. You can also bring some simple accessories to develop your full consciousness: a small floor mat, binoculars, sandals for rivers, a small bag for the treasure hunt, something to write, paint.

Pros to accompany you:

The mountain leaders of the territory offer you their services to make you discover the trail route and health walks:

  • Hiking trail and trail supervision
  • Trail coaching in group or individually
  • Organization of private competitions/challenges
  • Adapted physical activities, re-training, disability, chronic diseases
  • Mindfulness walks
  • Barefoot walk