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Nature, culture, heritage, gastronomy: a region with a thousand faces

History has left its mark on the Thann-Cernay area, with monuments steeped in history and exceptional places where legends were born. Nature is not to be outdone either, with the Thur valley and its peaks boasting multiple facets between the plains and the mountains.

The region boasts a rich built heritage. The historic centre of Thann, with its collegiate church of Saint-Thiébaut and its synagogue, the ruins of the Engelbourg and its famous Witch’s Eye, the historic centre of Cernay…
The region’s industrial heritage is not to be outdone, with visits to the mines, industrial tours and a trip on the Thur Doller Alsace steam train. Museums will help you learn more about the region and its heritage.
The places of remembrance (WWI trenches, the Franco-German Historial at Hartmannswillerkopf, military cemeteries, the Abri-Mémoire heritage center in Uffholtz) will take you back one hundred years to the battlefields of the Great War.
Finally, the parks and gardens, wild nature and vineyards are open to you all year round.