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Exhibition: Aqua Terra

27 rue de la Première Armée
68700 Wattwiller

A singular exhibition whose central theme is the union of movement, machine and flow. Works by Erik Samakh, Laurent Faulon, Johan Parent, Jérémy Laffon, Thomas Teurlai, Arthur Hoffner and Valère Costes push back the boundaries of water, harnessing its power to bring it to life. This fascination with water and the machine gives rise to an artistic wonderment, where mechanics are also seen as the art of construction.

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Informations pratiques

Type d'événement : Exhibition
Location: François Schneider Foundation
Organized by : François Schneider Foundation

Opening hours

from Saturday 04/20 to Sunday 09/22/2024-Wed-Sun : from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm


4€ / 8€