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The "Gottestal" wine trail

3,5 Km 1h 148 Easy En poussette 4x4

On the heights of Leimbach, this walk through the heart of a very young vineyard offers a 360° view: the Grand Cru du Rangen, its neighbouring vineyards and the Alsace plain.

The vineyards of Leimbach produce Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to create a sparkling wine that is well known in the region: crémant.

It's an easy walk through fields, orchards, forests and vineyards. Leave your car at the car park at the starting point and follow the Club Vosgien signs (red ring + cluster - as for all our wine trails).
From the Oberen Heiden vineyard, follow the path to discover the "Gottestal" vineyard, hidden in its green setting.
Sit on the bench overlooking the vineyard and take a moment to look around you...

You're guaranteed to switch off for the duration of the walk. And there's a picnic area at the starting point for a final moment of sharing.

Détails du parcours

Departure: Parking RD 34 entre Leimbach et Thann
wine path
Type de circuit : Pédestre

Useful information

Type of markup: Club vosgien
Card IGN: Map no. : 3620ET
Parking: Parking RD 34 entre Leimbach et Thann

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