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Walking tour: botanic trail of the Hirtzenstein

600 Km 1h 50 Easy

a walk dedicated to botanic, in a heaven of peace where history and nature coexist. A trail marked by about forty individual signs, as well as a dozen signs for educational purposes. With a light difference in altitude, this route is accessible to the greatest number.

Discover the nature around you, on a short route the duration of which will depend on your curiosity!

to tell you a little bit more and trigger your curiosity: an attentive eye will not miss machine gun posts, a trench, gallery entrances... while another will focus on the different species of the mountain (beech, spruce, acacia, chestnut, etc.).

Walking in the forest is good for the spirit, boosts the immune system and especially restores the link between the Man and nature.

Détails du parcours

Departure: WATTWILLER - Domaine du Hirtz
botanical path self-guided nature trail
Type de circuit : Pédestre

Useful information

Type of markup: Club vosgien
Card IGN: Map no. : 3620 ET
Parking: WATTWILLER - Domaine du Hirtz