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The Grand Ballon

The Grand-Ballon, the highest peak in the Vosges mountains, is a must-see in Alsace, reaching a height of 1,424 metres. It is well known to hikers, cross-country skiers and downhill skiers. An easy, family-friendly walk takes you to the summit where magnificent landscapes and breathtaking views await you. Before the chalet hotel du Grand Ballon, take the small path on the left, the one that passes between the trees and the ascent to the summit begins with the Monument des Diables Bleus and the radome in sight. Just twenty minutes of walking and you are already on the roof of the Vosges! Take the time to enjoy the view, take a walk on the radome terrace, try your hand at building cairns, these small stone mounds, which are numerous all around the monument. And if you look into the distance, on a clear day, you will be lucky enough to see the majestic Mont Blanc.