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Walking tour: Hermitage Sainte-Marie-Madeleine

5,6 Km 2h 370 Easy

Departing from Steinbach, this nice walk, in the shadow of tall tree tops, will lead you to the remains of an old chapel and its hermitage in the mining valley of the village. you need to imagine on this remains a chapel from the 15th century and the house of a Hermite, whose solitary life was dedicated to the prayer and to work: maintenance of the chapel, fruits and vegetable growing, bee breeding and collection of medicinal plants to treat its many visitors.

Détails du parcours

Departure: Steinbach - Plateau sportif
historical/heritage path geology path
Type de circuit : Pédestre

Useful information

Type of markup: Club vosgien
Card IGN: Map no. : 1/25000 3620 ET
Parking: Steinbach - Plateau sportif