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The Côte 425 wine trail
Marque vignobles et découvertes

5 Km 2h 148 Easy

This path, which rises above the town of Cernay, opens onto the plain and provides a breath-taking view.

It bears the marks of the First World War, which totally destroyed its vineyard, but allowed it to keep its Cote 425 wine label. You will see many reminders of the war (monuments and former bunkers ...) at the heart of this unique vineyard. It was replanted from 1920 onwards and all Alsace grapes may be found there, with production conditions favorable to Pinot Noir.

From the Birling chapel, follow the red ring to start a 2 hours’ trail. Enjoy the 5 km walk to admire the landscape and to run through the history of this unique vineyard.

Détails du parcours

Departure: STEINBACH - Chapelle du Birling
Type de circuit : Pédestre

Useful information

Type of markup: Club vosgien
Card IGN: Map no. : 1/25000 3620 ET


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