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Walking tour: the Waldkapelle

6 Km 2h 310 Easy

A walk departing from Vieux-Thann in the direction of a pretty chapel nestled in the middle of the forest. The kids will love to ring the three bells of the "Waldkapelle" chapel of the woods in the Dialekt of Alsace. A little trail to take a walk and go under the vineyard of Vieux-Thann, the only one with terraced vineyards in the area.

Détails du parcours

Departure: Vieux Thann - Parking du Restaurant
hiking path historical/heritage path
Type de circuit : Pédestre

Useful information

Type of markup: Club vosgien
Card IGN: Map no. : 1/25000 3620 ET
Parking: Vieux Thann - Parking du Restaurant